I am thrilled to have had my Assignment 4 image (minus the text) chosen to appear in an edition of The Big Issue in the North. 

Big Issue in the North and the OCA have a collaboration whereby OCA student photographs are featured in the magazine. Work is selected from the OCA Flickr group pool and with the students permission is offered to the editor. I had an email from Elizabeth on behalf of the OCA  a few weeks ago asking for my permission to send a copy of my image to the editor. After a few trials and tribulations using my Mac,  which for some strange  reason will not let me attach a full size jpeg with my Yahoo mail , I finally managed to send a full size copy via Dropbox to Elizabeth. The editor liked the image but wanted to use it without the text , which is fine by me.  


04/04/2013 9:48am

Well-done Judy and great for your confidence


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