This months edition looks at night time photography, quite useful to me at the moment as I am planning my next assignment and how best to approach it. I had already considered using an iPad or something similar to light my subject so was interested to read about the work of Donald Weber. Working in the Artic Circle with the local Inuit people he used any available digital device to illuminate his subjects. Interestingly he used the light from mobile phones which is not something I had even considered but my husband’s mobile has quite a strong light so I had a go myself and am pleased with the results. What I did not do was shoot hand held as Donald Weber did but used a tripod as hubby held his mobile with the light directed sideways towards one side of his face. Initially I felt I should have tried to prevent  the shadow on the wall but the more I looked at it the more I liked how the lighting had created a rather menacing  portrait. In actual fact nothing could be further from the truth as we were both laughing so much as I tried to direct him that I am astonished I caught this threatening facial expression. Light and colour  alter how a photograph is read and I was not happy with my colour version so converted to mono which I think has a more edgy appearance. 

My attempt below. Lit with a mobile phone


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