When I stay in Cornwall (something I try to do at the least 3 times a year) I always visit Falmouth Art Gallery. Although only small the exhibitions and collections are always quite eclectic. The main exhibition this time featured the work of artists Cedric Morris and Christopher Wood. I always enjoy looking at other forms of art , how different artists  interpret the world , but it was one photographic image in the Falmouth Art Gallery collection that captivated me. A Lee Miller photograph that I am familiar with but viewing it in the gallery as opposed to looking at it in a book made me really appreciate the skill involved not only in the original capture but also the printing. The darkest to lightest tones were beautifully captured, but what was particularly fascinating was how the image seemed almost 3D, I could have stood and studied it for hours. 

Photograph below by Lee Miller. 
A less successful visit was to Tate St Ives. On arrival we discovered that although the building was open the exhibitions were closed for the day !

Ambling around the building I took a photograph of hubby stood in front of an instillation in the main foyer and have turned it into my own piece of modern art using the clone tool in Lightroom. Not a brilliant example of digital manipulation  but I like the bright colours. 

Original Raw image below.
St Ives has long attracted artists , the light there is really spectacular. Although it was a typical grey and rainy British day I could not resist taking a few photographs of the beaches there. Although my images are far from brilliant , I was shooting hand held whilst trying to protect my camera from the rain, I hope they demonstrate just how the quality of light there creates soft and beautiful colour even on a miserable day.  


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