I bought this beautiful photography book for £20 tracing the origins and history of portraiture from a second hand book shop in Falmouth, this was a bargain I could not resist. 

by Ben Maddow.

Old photographs and their place in history.

Browsing around an antique/junk shop in Falmouth I came across a box of old photographs, this intrigued me –why were they here? I have two suitcases of old photo’s that I could not bare to part with , they form part of my life, where I came from :some dating as far back as the late 1800’s . The shop owner explained they are often given away by families who have no idea who the subject’s are or what relationship they might have to them. How did this happen -- how sad to think a family’s social history could be so easily lost and disregarded.

How strange that later that day I read an article by Sarfraz Manzoor who discusses the importance of family photographs . His family images are extremely sparse with important occasions un-recorded. He believes “ photographs can help to give context and colour to the past: relatives who are long-dead or whom we view through a rigid parental prism, or through the fog of memory are revealed as fully fleshed human beings”   pg. 2 Family Saturday Guardian 6/10/2012
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Susanna Heron Shima : Island and Garden

Visiting Godolphin House-- a National Trust property-- near Helston on a rainy morning I did not expect to find a truly inspiring photography exhibition. 


The  hand printed cibachrome images taken by Susanna Heron are simply beautiful ,  abstract  and other -worldly. Taken over a period of 4 years within the confines of her mother’s garden in Penwith they record the inevitable change that takes place through the seasons. The exhibition inspired and intrigued me—landscapes but not of anywhere immediately recognizable. The muted shades and compositions are visually appealing , I want to keep looking at them hence I have ordered a copy of this book from Abe books.

Below are two of my images taken on the beach at Marazion later that week inspired by Susanna’s work. 

British Surrealists 

An intriguing exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery well worth a visit if you are in Falmouth.

Although not photography based simply looking at the work and how each artist choses to use colour and interpret their thoughts and  ideas is fascinating.       

 I bought The Surrealists in Cornwall Published by Falmouth Art Galley (2010 edition) which contains a range of work by the artists who gathered at Lambe Creek , Cornwall , in the years before the 2nd World War.The catalogue includes captivating images taken by Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.


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