I can usually  work to a deadline but the flexibility of the OCA courses is one of the major reasons why I am able to continue to work full time & study at the same time. My1st assignment is due next week but my planned sessions and project work have been put on hold  & delayed for the past couple of weeks. First Mum's fractured finger , now I  have been unwell since last Friday. I feel awful and have been coughing all day  and night--I sound like I have croup! I have managed to keep going to work but  have been in bed by 8.30pm each night. With Xmas approaching I know , realistically , it will be a real struggle to complete the assignment before then, so I have emailed Russell , my tutor, and hope I feel well enough this weekend to battle on with project work and assignment planning. I  have managed to browse through, but not digest, a couple of library books I picked  up recently and will write about these later.

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