Having read about pinhole photography I wanted to have a go myself using my digital camera. My converted body cap was supplied by Pinhole Solutions www.pinholesolutions.co.uk/ and I took my first few images this weekend. I loved the total unpredictability of taking the shots , unable to see through a lens the composition and exposure were very much a case of trial and error even using the supplied exposure calculator The image below is my favourite of the days shoot and I love the way the colours of the light have been caught , something I was not expecting. Yes the image is blurry but I think aesthetically there is something beautiful about it.I have added a Pinhole Project section to my Gallery so have a look there for more images in the coming months.  

0.3 Sec ISO 200     F167  (Approx.)  taken in a shaded area of my garden on a (rare) sunny afternoon.

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