This exercise looks at correcting colour casts.

 A major advantage of shooting Raw is the ease with which the WB setting can be adjusted post shoot -even  if carefully chosen it does not always produce the desired end result . I find this especially true for skin tones and much prefer being able to adjust and optimize  the colour on my computer than rely entirely on the camera settings. I felt  the portrait below would benefit from some adjustment to enhance the colour tones of the skin.  The skin tones look rather too pink and I wanted to adjust these to enhance the subject. For this image I used a custom WB adjustment , not too severe but just enough to improve the skin colour.  
Raw image using Daylight WB.

The landscape image below was shot early evening and I used a Daylight WB setting which has created a rather blue  cast over the entire image -including the grey concrete area.

Processing the Raw image in LR I was able to change the WB to Shade which removes the overall blue cast.

I reset the image again and also tried the  WB dropper tool to click on an area of neutral grey which altered the colour quite drastically. 
A major advantage of shooting Raw is the advantage of being able to manipulate the WB post -shoot. It is a simple step that can be taken to optimise colour --once shot in Jpeg the choice of WB is unchangeable. I like experimenting with the WB slider--it can produce some quite interesting effects. 

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