Coffee time at work can be quite enlightening: the world  is usually put to rights in 20 minutes. Yesterday we drifted from telepathy to  faked photography. Its interesting that digital, not analogue, photography is  perceived as the medium that can be used to alter the truth. A younger staff  member stated a photograph seen in a magazine taken in the early part of the  20th Century “had to be real not fake as they used film“. Older  (wiser?) members were quick to point out that manipulation of the truth is  nothing new. Digital cameras, sophisticated camera phones, and the software to  alter reality are now ubiquitous . Will it will become more and more difficult  to ever really know what the real truth behind any image is? As  the coursework progresses I hope it will help me explore this in greater  detail.
The faked Cottingley Fairies  photographs were taken in 1917.  

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