Ghosts of the Black Chamber: Experimental, Dada and Surrealist Photography 1918-1948
Solar Art Directives) Paperback:  136 pages Publisher: University of 
Chicago Press (23 Dec 2010) 
 Language  English ISBN-10:0982046448 ISBN-13: 
During my first OCA course TAOP I visited an exhibition of surrealist work and commented at the time I found it difficult to understand and actually found some of it totally ridiculous! However as my photographic studies continue I find myself being drawn more towards this genre. This is a VERY slim book , much smaller than I imagined when I ordered it , but it does contain some interesting imagesSurrealist art is frequently used to create erotic/pornographic images, but the book suggests that "even porn can be creative" pg 5. The Surrealists used photography as a medium to signify and reveal a more complex truth. Spanning  from 1918-1948 I find viewing the analogue images taken prior to the digital age all the more intriguing for the skills used to create them.  


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