27th May 2012 
 I have hit the  biggest creative brick wall in a long time. No matter what I do at the moment  I am not happy with the outcome and have tried to get my head around why . I have been gathering ideas and started to take some photographs for Assignment 2 but have deleted most of them from my hard drive! I have emailed Russell my tutor to tell him rather than  keep going round in circles and procrastinating I am going to start the next   section of the course whilst I continue to get the second assignment completed.  He is quite happy with my plan and I feel less pressured to complete an  assignment I am struggling with. Why am I finding this one so difficult? I have  tried to analyse my feelings and it is not to do with the technical  practicalities required (shoot only in jpeg with no PP) but rather the lack of  connection I have felt with the majority of what I started to shoot. I am  starting to realise , that for me personally, I need to feel connected in some  way to whatever I am shooting. I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy portraiture so much. Assignment 2 offers 8 high range situations of which I need to choose 4 , and I planned to include some landscape work . However although I enjoy taking landscapes on holiday I lack the time and passion  to commit to this genre of photography . I am going to Cornwall soon so may (!!!!) be able to take some decent landscape shots but I really think I may avoid including any in my assignment. 


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