Oct  2011.
New  course–new journal. I have decided to keep my journal on a website now and plan to keep all my future OCA coursework here too.  
I am great at procrastinating–I promised myself a “summer  break” from studying– intending to catch up with family/friends/ & even long 
overdue housework. Ha !!! Still not caught up but cannot put off starting a new  course any longer. I miss the challenge of the coursework & assignments even  if they cause me sleepless nights occasionally. What do I hope to achieve? I want to improve technically and  aesthetically, give myself new challenges. I need to improve my lighting skills and  workflow routine . I want to  use my photography as a device to show thoughts , feelings, memories, and show  my personal vision of the world around me in an artistic way. I love portraiture but also have a growing interest in surreality --perhaps I can combine the two somehow. This is something I plan to explore and expand on during the coursework leading to my final assignment.

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