I have been rather unmotivated lately, sometimes work and life just get in the way of  regular studying. I want to get started on assignment 2 but the weather has not  been accommodating--it seems to be always raining when I have some precious free time to do any outdoor photography. I could write some notes, read a book,   anything rather than do nothing, but, worst of all, I have been lacking  inspiration. However when I was asked by my daughter to take some photographs 
for her friend who is trying to set up a children's bridesmaids dress design company I jumped at the chance. I enjoyed the afternoon and it has given me the 
impetus to get cracking again. I am unable to put most of the images on my website --something I promised the young models mums. Granddaughter  Maisie , who is rapidly becoming my favourite muse, was one of the models , so along with a back view of the gorgeous dresses I am able to show just two of the thirty seven final images chosen out of  just over one hundred. I also put into practice the editing skills from the first assignment to whittle the selection down to a manageable portfolio. 

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