I particularly enjoy portraiture but want to start considering the genre in greater depth, I want to try and reveal what is hidden beneath the skin, reveal the person underneath . Is this possible and how do you do it ?I think photographer Nelli Palomaki manages this very successfully. I first read about Nelli Palomaki  in Black + White  Photography ( January 2012 issue ) as I was preparing work for my first assignment . Her approach to portraiture is something I find compelling and visually very appealing.  She manages to capture such intense emotions that make me want to know more about each individual . The children are allowed to simply stare, no smiles here , creating a powerful and though provoking portfolio of black and white images. The lighting is superb, she only uses available natural light. Quite a number of the images have been taken with just a simple black background, drawing all attention to the subject in the frame. She comments " a good portrait  can carry so many memories through so many years--and you don't need more than one. It was a miracle to have your picture taken 100-150 years ago, and I really believe there could be the same magic again. There has to be an image behind all of these image that says something more" pg 12 Black + White Jan  2012. Her studied approach is at odds with the almost frenzied way casual snapshots are taken and are part of our everyday existence. This deliberate   technique is at the heart of her meaningful and powerful images.

Images Copyright © Nellie Palomki


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