March 2012 British Journal of Photography 
This months edition featured a really  interesting article about fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. What really strikes me about his imagery is its power showing a visible connection between the photographer and subject.  He comments “I always try to put a lot of myself in my pictures , to make them as personal as I can”. His humble studio is still the same place that he started out in over 30 years ago, “ its not a big, empty space” and he uses this environment to create the atmospheric images. He likes long exposures feeling “ the picture of the subject is more intense” , how I would love to use this technique , I have attempted long exposure portraits but not very successfully. His images have such power drawing you into the frame and beyond.     

  “My mind is a camera” ---Paolo Roversi.  What a unique way of expressing how he creates his art, for that is what I really feel his work is, not simply cold, emotionless fashion shots but compelling beautiful images. 

Images Copyright Paolo Roversi    

Eyes are so important in portraiture , just look at the hypnotic way this girl stares out of the frame with an almost haunted look. The black and white image contrasts with the two richly toned portraits  below , but is still equally as sensual.

This image is beautiful. The deep sensual purple tones of the ribboned headgear and lipstick  contrast with the models delicate pale skin , her clothes and hair. The plain black background keeps the look simple but visually very effective. 

I find this an interesting image, the slow shutter speed and creative use of colour  combine to make an ethereal and intriguing shot. 


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