Perfect  Exposure: The Professional Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs 
Michael Freeman Product details Paperback: 192 pages Publisher: ILEX (6 April 2009) 
LanguageEnglish  ISBN-10: 1905814461  ISBN-13: 978-1905814466 

This a fabulous book and one I would recommend any student on the DPP course to obtain. It offers succinct advice on how to achieve professional results using a digital camera. Chapter 2: Technical makes essential reading to learn just how a digital camera sensor works and sees, supplementing the course notes for Part 2: Digital image qualities.  Using a digital camera without the knowledge offered in the book would make it difficult to be truly creative . I know my way around the manual controls of my camera and I like to think I am reasonably in control , but know this is a book I will continue to use for guidance and advice. 


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