My work has finally been sent to the OCA Headquarters for the November Assessment--my last level one course has now been completed. Hurray !

I feel a sense of not only relief but also achievement, with thanks to my tutor Russell for his advice , patience , and time.  Distance learning combined with work and family commitments can be frequently stressful.

Two years have passed since I started the course I never imagined it would take me this long , I fully expected to complete in no more than 15 months. I have found the coursework absorbing , often challenging, and have a gained a lot of valuable knowledge. My workflow has improved greatly and I am much more organized at cataloging , tagging, and  editing my images within Lightroom. My workflow routine has also included printing off all of my assignment images at A4 size on Perma Jet Fibre Base Royal 325 and labeling them as I went along. This has saved me loads of time as I prepared for assessment and something I failed to do for my previous courses which meant manically printing up to 60 A4 images in the week before I needed to get them in the post! 

My processing skills have improved and my understanding of  Photoshop has grown , but I still have a great amount to learn. I am very much a novice in my manipulative skills but was satisfied with the outcome of my 4th assignment by managing to  combine 2 images successfully . My image was chose to appear in an edition of The Big Issue in the North (minus the text).

 I commented at the very beginning of the course I hoped to use my photography as a way of exploring thoughts , feelings , and memories. My 3rd assignment especially was used very much as a way of working through a very difficult period in my life. I regret not being able to continue with an idea I started work on for my final assignment (see blog entry 29/5/2013) but lacked time and found it difficult to come up with original ideas. I really needed to be working on the concept for the duration of the course and will bear this in mind when I start my next course. 


13/10/2013 2:18pm

Wishing you all the best for Assessment Judy. It must be a great feeling to complete Level 1. You've achieved some wonderful work. Time for a short rest maybe now?

26/10/2013 11:54am

Thanks Catherine for your kind comments--I intend to have a break until the New Year. I have a lot of photos to process for family & friends & want to get that all done before I start a level 2 course.


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