I have had a vile week! Mum  shut her finger in a car door on the evening of the 5th after a family bonfire party  so any  college work has been totally abandoned . I have had trips to A & E  and  fracture clinic ,work has been awful, and my new iMac has driven me to despair.  I am sure once I get to grips with the  different OS I will be fine but I spent  most of Wednesday loading my new Mac versions of Photoshop CS5  and Lightroom and then trying to work out how to get them in  the dock area of my desktop. I have yet to actually process any photographs  on my sparkly new machine !  But on a high note one of my images ( the 1st in a  series of work in progress hopefully towards my final DPP assignment ) has been  chosen to be used on the OCA website this month (see below). So a good  end to a horrid week. 

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