Relief !!!!!

Tutor feedback most positive. 

I am really happy with my report as I truly struggled with the assignment. It forced me to experiment in an attempt achieve what I , not the camera , envisaged.      I approached the assignment thinking no post-processing should be done but looking at a few of my fellow students blogs I notice that a few have done some moderate post-shoot processing.

Backlit images

Moody Blue.

I need to study the difference between printed images  and those that will be viewed on a monitor. I love printing my images but am sometimes disappointed when comparing to the screen version, they lack the lustre and illumination. Russell commented on the difference between the screen and printed version , the former much brighter. He commented that I had probably attempted a layers adjustment prior to printing but in actual fact I had not. I  re-printed this image after a levels adjustment to compare with the original but was unable to achieve a better print than I already had produced. Something for me to consider in more detail in the future. 


Even with the clipped hair Russell found this image “really interesting

A good point to bear in mind is it is so often easy to become  over absorbed in the technical aspect of photography and getting everything technically correct that any creativity can be lost. I think that is why I found this assignment so challenging .

Mum in reflection

“A nice shot” but Russell felt the composition could have been improved by leaving less space between Mum and her reflection. It was difficult to set this shot up and this was the best of the afternoon session. Having an octogenarian model makes it difficult to expect her to pose and change position frequently!

Single light source

The way we were

Russell felt this shot was well composed forming a narrative. He wondered what would happen if I altered the focus to my face not the image. Time allowing I will attempt this but as I am progressing through the course much slower than I anticipated might have to leave this until the end.

Self portrait by Lamplight

Russell felt I captured “a nice mood here” . He felt that by moving the card I used to reflect light next to the camera at an angle would have improved the catch lights in my eye. I have a lot to learn about indoor lighting, preferring to use available light, but it is a skill worth honing.


I laughed when Russell compared the image of my other half to portraits of Peter Lorre and Bela Lugosi. Although Russell commented the portrait “is a good example of the power of lighting to create mood” he also notes that fill can be used to prevent noise and lift shadow detail.  I set my camera to record black and white but was surprised when looking at another DPP Blog that the student had converted to mono post shoot. I would usually do this myself but felt that within the confines of the assignment brief it would be good practice to change my settings pre-shoot, hence I  am happy with the outcome .

Dappled light

Russell commented “I certainly think you achieved what you set out to do here”.   However I tried to create a narrative without revealing my subjects face which Russell felt“ doesn’t quite work for me” . However he also commented he liked the atmosphere in the shots and suggested “a longer set of images would bring a better sense of place and purpose”. I think this is a perfectly valid point but within the confines of 3 shots this proved rather  restrictive.

Mounts Bay

Firstly I must point out all of these images were shot in jpeg so I was a bit confused when reading that ‘the final six images in Raw work very well’ I think the confusion arouse by my comment that I shot in Raw and jpeg combined and would be using the Raw files at a later date for my personal use. That grumble aside I was thrilled with the feedback for the six images submitted .   


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